My First Bento of the Year

Most days the yaya prepares Coco’s lunch but sometimes (usually Mondays since I have time on Sundays) I do it. One day I decided to try my hand at a Bento. Here’s the one I made for her a couple of weeks ago. First third had some rice crackers, middle third had two señorita bananas, two hard-boiled eggs that I pressed in an egg mold and decorated with food pens and a square of dark chocolate, the last third had a square of cheddar cheese and some carrots. Definitely lacking in dark greens but she gets spinach in her morning smoothies and she eats a lot of veggies at dinner. And she liked it, so that’s key.

You know what I notice though? Korean, Japanese and Indian families tend to pack really healthy lunches for their kids with things like rice, meat, veggies, kimchi, yogurt, naan, etc. and all homemade. Whereas most other countries tend to pack sugary and processed foods. Americans (I’m American and have seen this first hand) are some of the worst when it comes to lunches. Even if they are trying to have their kids eat healthier they still send pretzels and cookies and store-bought breads and mayo and processed meats for the sandwiches and juice boxes. We won’t even get into the awful excuse for a “healthy” lunch that is served up by the federal school lunch program. Yuck! There is no way I would ever let my child eat that crap. Fortunately I don’t have to. It’s a crime they serve it to families who rely on a school lunch as a source of nutrition for their kids. So yeah, her lunches aren’t perfect but I’m going to continue to pack them. At least I know what’s in them! (Oh, and I realize there are only 20 days left in the year! Maybe I will be better with making Bentos next year! lol)

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