My Wild and Crazy Energetic Girl

Coco has so much energy!! I seriously can not keep up with her. She really needs to be in activities every day, not just swimming once a week. I really should sign her up for a soccer class (I tried last year but last year she was too young. Maybe I can find one for her for the spring?) as well as gymnastics and dance. I have also been meaning to sign her up for taekwondo –man, she took that trial class ages ago! And speaking of classes, art and music would be great fun for her. Clearly I have to narrow this list down but I do want her in more classes though because that will mean I will have time to work out with a trainer at the gym, play more tennis or take Bikram yoga and it’s important to be an active family. Unfortunately Manila is not a good place for unscheduled, relaxed outdoor fun. There are very few playgrounds, no parks and often it’s just too bloody hot or rainy. I really miss just picking up and going hiking or playing in a nice park or playground so we gotta make do.

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One Response to My Wild and Crazy Energetic Girl

  1. wartica says:

    It’s great to see children, and people in general, with this level of energy; so much healthier than getting hypnotized by a TV, and eating junk products all day:))

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