Staying the Course

When I went to my naturopathic doctor back in September I shared my concerns with her: I’m exhausted, I’m stressed out and overwhelmed, I have melasma (the hyperpigmentation on my face) and dark circles, excess weight, etc, etc. This appointment was informative. She reviewed my recent bloodwork. She told me about my cholesterol levels, red and white blood count, DHEA and cortisol levels, progesterone, estrogen, T3 and T4, TSH, HSCRP and heavy metal overload. In a nutshell, I was told my adrenals are shot, my hormones are out of wack, I’m too acidic.. Basically I’m a mess. I wasn’t at all surprised. (Coco made a smiley face with my morning supplements)

After our hour-long consultation (much nicer than the rush you in and out the door western doctor style) she prescribed some herbs and supplements and told me the other things I must do: I must sleep better (using melatonin) and eat better (eating Paleo, heavy on the vegetables) and work out consistently. I need to reduce my job stress and to take the supplements as prescribed. She was quite clear that things aren’t going to get better if I don’t make my health a priority and that I am borderline in a lot of areas. In other words, there is room for things to get worse if I don’t act now. Good news, though, is she thinks doing what she recommends can heal me and in turn make me look and feel a lot better in as little as 3 to 4 months, though true adrenal healing can take about two years.

I am all over it because I can’t imagine feeling worse! I am already so tired all. of. the. time. I slept nine hours last night and then took a 2-hour nap and had no interest in going to the playground with Coco this afternoon. She was begging me to go and eventually I went but I really wanted to just rest in the cool, air-conditioned apartment. This is no way to live! I want to have the energy to play with my child!! It’s not fair to her and it’s no fun for me. Sleeping the day away is no way to spend your Saturday! 😦

I was going to post a super close up before picture but for the first time in my life I really am sad about the way I look. I used to think I was attractive but after a year of living in Manila I no longer think so. My skin looks terrible, I look like I’ve aged ten years, my hair is limp and lifeless and I just look tired. Let’s just say I’m pleased to have a plan of action!! Here we are enjoying our morning smoothie (blueberries, spinach, almond, mulungay and apple). Excuse our hair. This was taken at 6:30 in the morning! She said my hair made me look like a prince. Ha! 🙂

*** And for the record I realize my health issues are excruciatingly dull for the general public. I am recording them here to track my progress and to (hopefully) one day have some wisdom to share with others. Feel free to ignore these posts! ***

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