I can NOT believe how FAST Coco grows! It is seriously amazing! She is taller and wears a larger clothing and shoe size than many Kindergartners and she’s only 4. We have a new morning plan when it come to getting dressed. She can choose her outfit on Monday. She can wear anything she wants, any combination of color and patterns, any shoes – she has free range (though I draw the line at fancy party dresses). Two days a week she has PE and wears the PE uniform. The other two days I get to choose. This is when I get her to wear all the clothes she is about to grow out of to get in a few last wears before it has to get donated. My sister bought her this shirt last year and her big belly keeps it from coming down as far as it should. The shorts were purchased in the Singapore airport last April when she had an accident and I wasn’t prepared with a change of clothes in her carry-on (lesson learned). She can barely squeeze into them now!

She enjoys choosing her clothes and it’s good for me to practice giving up control. 😉  I will post some pictures of the outfits she chooses. So far all I’ve seen her in on Mondays are dresses and her favorite light up sneakers which she calls her “sparkly shoes”. She’s a rough and tumble tomboy but she balances it out with dresses and sparkles.

* Although you can’t really see it from this photo, I tried my hand at flat rope twists. I can not seem to get them to stay looking decent for more than one day. On day two she just goes to school with it looking fuzzy and then I try to retwist them to make them look halfway decent. If I could get her to sit still for me while I practice I could get better but the practice takes place on her head and then she wears the style to school! Oh well, hopefully by Kindergarten I will have mastered a few styles that can last at least a week!

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