Coco Quotes

I have started writing down some of the funny things Coco says in a notebook so I can remember them. She cracks me up. Here are some recent ones:

She calls a blueberry a booblerry. Once after saying it she said to me, “That word is hard to say because I’m a kid.”

“Mommy! Your getting bigger!”
Me: Where?
“Your tummy! It’s getting bigger!”
(nothing like hearing the straight facts from your 4-yr old!)

“Momma I love you because you buy me books.”

“Momma, do you remember me when I was three?”

“I love you up to the ceiling and down to the floor!”

“You’re the good, best cooker!”

“I dreamed I was in a swimming pool filled with honey!”

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2 Responses to Coco Quotes

  1. Ferlisi says:

    I’d love you too if you bought me books!

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