A Litte This and That

We went back to our favorite breakfast place last weekend. We had a bit of a wait for an indoor table (Coco’s request to be far from mosquitoes). We hung out on the rocking chairs.

It’s so nice going out to eat with her now. She still can’t last too too long but she is pretty good for about an hour. I always remind her before we go in what good restaurant behavior is:
* inside voice
* no running around or going under the table
* stay seated until I have paid the check
It’s been a rough road, lol, but she can now do all of the above!

She had waffles, I eggs with bacon and toast. The toast was 1/2 of a slice! That cracked me up but I’m not supposed to be eating bread anyway so it was more than enough!

Afterwards she played at the playground for a while and had fun jumping off a wall for a good 15 minutes. Cheap free entertainment!

(she jumped so much her hair came out of the bun!)

She’s almost too heavy to do this, but she loves to fly on my legs. I used to think of this as an airplane but Coco thinks of herself as a butterfly or another insect when she does it.(she flaps her wings)

Her school doesn’t discourage her drawing all over herself so it’s a bit of a battle at home. My rule is markers are for paper only (and she got into time out yesterday for drawing on the lightswitch in the bathroom) but I am trying to relax somewhat knowing it’s just a phase. As long as the markers are non-toxic and not permanent I guess it’s not a huge deal as long as she’s not drawing on our landlord’s furniture. The other day she put whiskers on herself. No surprise there! Kind of funny actually. 🙂 Friday was a marker all over your body day at school (I don’t think it was actually called that but they said to send in a change of clothes) and check out this picture her teacher sent to me of her. What is this face?! She is so animated!Description: IMG_3195

Speaking of animated, I have a toothache and I was making faces when I was showing Coco where it hurt. (I guess I know where she gets it from). She was  cracking up so I took a picture of myself to see what was so funny. Okay, it was pretty funny til I went to the dentist. Bad news all around 😦 I have at least one cavity that she could see without an xray and 4 other teeth where she feels the old fillings should be replaced. Oh, and she said I should get gum surgery. Not joking. Wth?! I got my teeth cleaned and high-tailed it out of there for a second opinion. I haven’t gotten one yet but she’s probably right about that tooth at least. Ouchie!!

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One Response to A Litte This and That

  1. Stefanie says:

    Coco looks like you in the second picture. She must be taking on your expressions. She is one of the most photogenic kids ever!


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