Little Tokyo

Tired of eating the same things over and over again at home I decided sushi was in order for dinner last night. I had been to a great Japanese restaurant a couple of times here in Manila but I could not for the life of me remember the name exactly or get the correct spelling. Ironically I ended up passing it last night on the way home and for future reference the name of it is Nihon Bashitei (can you blame me for not remembering the name?) and their food is excellent and cheap. But I digress..

In my sushi Google search I discovered there is a section of Manila called Little Tokyo. Who knew? It’s a very, very small area – a cute little courtyard tucked in between some buildings with about 5 or 6 restaurants. It’s located at the intersection of Amorsolo St. and Chino Roces in Makati, directly across from the McDonald’s in Cinema Square.

I hopped out of the cab at the McDonald’s and lo and behold it was right there!

It was so quaint, I loved it. Away from the hustle and bustle and traffic and noise, the restaurants form a square and in the center are lots of trees and tables and chairs set up for diners. It was extra special for a first time visitor because it was decorated for Christmas. They really do go all out to deck things out in lights here in Manila.


When you walk in you are greeted with a welcome in Japanese. It’s a nice touch. Apparently all the store owners are Japanese as well as the chefs so it’s like being transported to Japan and the food is all authentic. Yes, let’s talk about the food..

I ate at Hana. While looking for a seat I met the store owner, Emma. She has lived in Manila for twenty years and took over the restaurant three years ago after her husband passed away. She was so friendly! We chatted quite a bit. I learned she has two grown children and when she learned I have a 4-year-old she asked that I bring her next time. 🙂

I placed my order: tuna sushi, some unagi rolls and miso soup and San Miguel beer. While I was waiting for my food to arrive they brought me some mini meatballs. I nibbled on one but I was really in the mood for some sushi so I waited patiently for it to be served.

It arrived quickly and I was very happy with my fresh tuna sushi. Yum!!
I really need to learn how to photograph food. This photo does not do it justice at. all.  It’s a good thing I ordered The Four Hour Chef! It’s been on my Amazon list for months and it has finally been released. Along with teaching how to photograph food Tim Ferriss tells you how to master just about anything you want — or so I’ve heard; I haven’t read the book yet! Is anyone else a crazy Tim Ferriss fan like me? Love his books! But, yeah, the sushi. It was so good I ordered two more pieces! I didn’t photograph the miso soup but it was lovely. And then I had the unagi rolls. They were okay but next time I will stick to strictly sushi. It all tasted good though washed down with iced cold San Miguels.

(note to self: buy some of these mugs before you leave)

Speaking of San Miguels, when they brought me my check they brought me two free drink tickets to use on my next visit! I ordered two beers so maybe that’s why I got two drink tickets? Not sure, but I’m not complaining! I will be back there for sure!

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  1. Jessi says:

    yumm. Now I want sushi

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