The Tree is Up

We decided it was time to put up the Christmas tree. Well, actually Coco decided we should do it so I pulled the tree out of the closet. That sentence doesn’t even sound right–I always had huge live Christmas trees growing up and man do I miss the lovely smell of fresh pine, but what you gonna do? There’s not a pine tree for thousands of miles so…

The tree isn’t very large. In fact, it looked quite bare and scrawny before we decorated it. So I searched for the decorations, which shouldn’t be that hard in a small two bedroom apartment but it took the better part of an hour! I finally found them and we got to it.I think it’s cool that all of our ornaments were purchased here in Manila and, aside from the regular pink and silver balls, they were all handmade. I purchased them from NGOs and other organizations who help support local families by teaching them a craft and providing them with accommodations, schooling or a living wage in exchange. The star ornament in my right hand, for example, is made from rolled up recycled magazines!!

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