Grace and Prayers

I try to remember to say grace with Coco before every meal. I’m pretty consistent but when I forget she often reminds me. This is her version of a prayer that I used when I was her age. She says it before meals. It goes like this:

God is great.
God is good.
Let me have my food, please!
Amen! Amen! Amen!

At night, after reading 3 books, we say prayers snuggled in her bed. We always pray for Grandma, Grandpa and our other relatives. We always give thanks for our house and health and food to eat. And then Coco chimes in other things she wants to pray about.

Here are some of the funny things I have heard lately:

1. Thank you for my toes and my foot and my hand to scratch my face.
2. Thank you for my mommy’s eyes so she can see dangerous things like mosquitoes.
3. Thank you for my mommy’s nose so she can smell and breathe and thank you for my mommy’s mouth so she can say, ‘hello, hello, hello!!!’
4. Thank you for my eyes so I can look at my wall and my curtain and my ceiling.

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