Not Happy

WordPress changed their format again and now I have no idea how to resize photos-AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, wtf? Annoyed. Really, really annoyed. I’ll be back when I have time to figure this crap out. Wordress: why not do this for new themes when they are created and leave those of us comfortable with our current themes alone?! 😦

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4 Responses to Not Happy

  1. Ferlisi says:

    This is why I like blogger.

    • Joy says:

      i’m telling you — i NEVER had these issues with blogger!!
      i’m *this* close to starting a new blog again.
      freaking IRRITATED!!!!!!!!! 😦

  2. Laurie says:

    Miss you,,

    • Joy says:

      aw, thanks. i am so busy and wordpress just sux. i don’t have time for all these unwanted changes 😦
      i will post til the end of the new year and then i plan to go back to blogger.
      will keep you posted! πŸ™‚

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