I had a three-day weekend and I wanted to take advantage and go somewhere and Coco has always wanted to see the “monkeys with the big eyes” so I booked a trip to Bohol. While searching for a reasonable place to stay I discovered the Bohol Bee Farm. So lucky!

IMG_3540We flew a budget airlines and I saved more money on baggage fees by only allowing us each one (free) backpack. Good call. The flight was a little over an hour and soon we were in the Bee Farm’s van heading towards our adorable accommodations.

We loved the Bee Farm! I loved that it was so quiet and quaint and right on the water and that they grow all their own organic herbs, fruits and vegetables. Coco just thought our room was so beautiful. 🙂

We arrived and they took us directly to our room. It was called “Radish.” I think all the rooms are named after vegetables. How cute is that? It was decorated with all sorts of cute touches and had the most comfortable futon bed. It also had air conditioning (or “aircon” as they call it here) which is totally not standard in inexpensive rooms here. It was much appreciated, especially since it didn’t blow directly on me. I hate that. 🙂 I bet, though, if we could have left our windows open that it would have been totally fine because the air was so fresh and, dare I say, almost crisp? Such a delightful, refreshing change from Manila!! IMG_3565   IMG_3555 IMG_3556

After settling in we gave ourselves a mini tour. The place was freakin’ adorable. I loved, loved, loved it! Everywhere you looked there were artsy touches and cute things tucked into corners and little nooks and places to relax and rejuvenate. IMG_3680 IMG_3685 IMG_3684 IMG_3675 IMG_3674 IMG_3567 IMG_3566 IMG_3672 IMG_3776
Then we went to have lunch. It was so good. In general I am disappointed about the food in the Philippines (unlike Thailand where every single meal I ate was delicious!!) but this place was great and I was especially happy about eating here knowing it was all locally grown and organic. Our lunch started out with some freshly baked bread and two spreads: a honey butter and a pesto one. Coco is allergic to pesto so I had them remove it from the table but the honey butter was good. Then came my salad with edible flowers. So pretty!IMG_3572 IMG_3573 IMG_3574 IMG_3576 Coco ordered (a ginormous!!) pizza and coconut water but she wanted to taste a flower. IMG_3579 IMG_3583 Then came my main dish: a soup called Halang Halang. That’s a spicy chicken soup with a coconut  milk base. It also had veggies, including the extremely healthy mulangay. YUM!!IMG_3575It was!!! After lunch was the main attraction: the small “monkeys”. I inquired about a car ride there but the cost was too high so I decided we would take a tricycle. Although there are no seat belts they don’t go very fast and with the open door (where I sat) meant I could see a lot of the city en route and take lots of pictures.IMG_3588 IMG_3595 IMG_3599 IMG_3601 IMG_3604 IMG_3607    The little monkeys, it turns out, are not monkeys at all. They are called targiers and they are the world’s smallest primates. And when they say small, they mean it. They were so tiny and so cute! Maybe the size of a newborn kitten? Targiers are nocturnal so I was concerned that arriving there at 3 in the afternoon might be a letdown (it’s the giant eyes you want to see after all) so we walked through the woods with some uncertainty. I was hopeful though since I only had this one day for us to see them– it was a Friday, the sanctuary is closed on the weekends, and we lucked out with no rain!IMG_3610  IMG_3611 IMG_3615
Our guide said they were only able to locate four that morning and since they sleep all day they stay in the same spot. The first three we saw were too high up and their eyes were closed but then we were thrilled to see this little guy, wide awake and calmly staring at us.IMG_3622I mean seriously, could they be any cuter?! I think not. Awwww.. so worth the trip!IMG_3629 IMG_3638   The next day we did the Bee Farm tour. Our guide, Romel, taught us all kinds of cool things about herbs. One thing he mentioned was that oregano is good for a cough. That made my ears perk right up because Coco had a lingering cough that I could not seem to get rid of! His remedy? Grind up some organic oregano, boil it and add honey and calamanci. I made Coco drink that the next three meals and voilà, cough gone! Awesome.IMG_3697 IMG_3701 IMG_3703 IMG_3711 IMG_3774IMG_3713 IMG_3717   Did you know that when you pick a leaf of a fresh herb off the plant that the taste is so strong and so delightful? We tried many, many kinds and they were so flavorful! Nothing like the dried herbs you buy in a grocery store. There is seriously no comparison!  We also tried jackfruit picked straight off a tree and saw mango and mulanguy trees, too! IMG_3710 IMG_3709 IMG_3738 After touring and tasting the plants, herbs and fruits Romel took us to the place where the ladies created the crafts they sell. Coco was intrigued with watching this lady sewing bags made from woven palm leaves; I enjoyed trying my hand at weaving.IMG_3678 IMG_3676 IMG_3742 IMG_3744

Earlier in the day I got the chance to meet the proprietor, a lovely Filipino woman about 60. She has retired in this spot, originally just a nice plot of land with a sea view. She and her husband masterminded this whole organic Bee Farm, first with just growing organic foods and then building a restaurant and later accommodations for guests. She invited us to take a tour of her home and let me tell  you it was just lovely. To begin with, it was open air which I loved. No need to lock your doors (not that she had any) when  you have guards 24/7. Her home was decorated with the same quaint touches and had a master bedroom with an enviable ocean view. I loved it. So incredibly  peaceful.IMG_3765 IMG_3762 IMG_3755 IMG_3753

The next day we had breakfast by the sea  and then we went down to put our feet in the water. There wasn’t any beach to speak of thanks to the sea urchins but it was lovely nonetheless. Before we left Coco got an ice cream cone. The flavors fascinated me. Mulungay? Avocado? Tomato??? She had regular chocolate which I believe was sweetened with honey and was quite good!
IMG_3769 IMG_3780 IMG_3781 IMG_3786   IMG_3681  IMG_3687 IMG_3718IMG_3750 IMG_3642 Fun times.

*** By the way, I have to tell you I still hate WordPress. This post took about 6 hours to write. It didn’t save automatically and several times the things I wrote got deleted. The worst was when I was nearly done–spent hours typing and putting down my thoughts and inserting photos and it got deleted. I could have cried. Not to mention, the pictures were a b!tch to resize and put into the post. The whole thing took entirely too much time and pissed me off to no end. I really don’t want to start a.n.o.t.h.e.r blog so I am going to stick it out for now but posts will have fewer photos but if it deletes another post I am going to have to give it up and start over in Blogger. I just don’t have the time or patience that WordPress requires!! IRRITATED!!!!!!!!!!!!  😦 Ok, rant over.

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  1. De says:

    It is so great that Coco gets to experience so much of the world. She certainly will be well versed in her world.

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