Mish Mash

Not blogging for a few weeks means I have tons of pics to post of little events that have gone on in our lives. Here’s a little mish mash smattering of tidbits..

I had a fish soup for breakfast the last day we were in Bohol. It was so good and I loved that I preferred it over the pancakes. Now if only I could transfer that realization into my real life food choices. Coco likes to take my camera and take pictures. She is so destructive and strong and breaks things easily that it scares me to let her hold my camera but sometimes I acquiesce. She is getting pretty good, though. Look!

IMG_3800 IMG_3637

Coco got an Advent calendar (her first) from one of my friends. She never forgets to open it and get out the chocolate! One day she ate two when I wasn’t home to supervise.. 🙂           My hair is growing. Coco is growing tall, too!

I was hungry the other day at work. My colleague offered me these crackers. I do love bacon and all, but just not sure about it in this form! 🙂  Coco likes to take my smoothies from me in the morning  even though she has already eaten a huge breakfast! Here she is running, full of energy as usual and with her yaya on the stairs on her way to school.

IMG_3852 IMG_3854 IMG_3497  IMG_3501   IMG_3503

I was invited to a Christmas party and needed to bring a dish. My yaya made the zucchini hummus and I made this cookie recipe! Soooo delicious! You take some premade butter cookies (I was looking for Nilla Wafers but couldn’t find them so I used some butter cookies) and spread some Nutella on them. Close them like a sandwich and roll them in crushed candy canes. OMG. The Christmas season is doing a number on my waistline, let me tell ya! But it’s all good. That’s what New Year’s Resolutions are for, right?  🙂IMG_3877IMG_3878IMG_3876 IMG_3879            I also went to my work Christmas party at the big boss’ house. Open bar and tons of great food as always. Fun times. I really enjoy my colleagues. I’m going to miss them when we move. Look at the diversity on my team alone. Love it! On the way I saw a someone’s front gate decorated with these lights. So pretty. Filipinos love their Christmas lights!

IMG_3873 IMG_3868

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