Tennis Anyone?

I love taking tennis lessons and my game has improved so much in the four months that I have been taking lessons. I have upped my lessons to twice a week and I am considering going three times a week while I can still afford it. At $11 a lesson I need to take advantage. $33 a week is totally within budget. I played my first doubles match with my coach against another beginning student and his coach. We lost miserably because of my terrible serve (among other reasons!). I kept double faulting! But we had a rematch this morning and we tied! Woo-hoo. 3 all. Next time I’m going to beat their butts!!! It is so much fun! 🙂
IMG_3991 IMG_3992

I brought Coco with me the other day and told her she could hit the ball a bit after my lesson. My coach gave her a 2 minute lesson on how to hold the racket and after a few tries she hit the ball! She’s a natural athlete, I tell you. I am considering starting her with lessons but when we move I will need to continue for both of us and that could cost me a ton. She is only 4 but he said his youngest student is 4 and one of his 8 year olds who has been taking lessons for three years is far better than I am. She could totally be the next Serena Williams! She’s strong and athletic and doesn’t like to lose! 🙂

Here are a few pics from her first “lesson” in the cute tennis dress I bought for her when she was a teeny tiny thing. It is a size 5 and she was in a 24 months when I bought it! I told myself that I would start her lessons when it fit and that means now is the time..  IMG_3997 IMG_3996 IMG_3988 IMG_3981 IMG_3982

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4 Responses to Tennis Anyone?

  1. alycevayle says:

    I played for the first time in years on the weekend and I LOVED it! My legs are so sore today. I’m walking a bit like a cowboy but feeling great! Cute photos too!

  2. What a lovely picture she is so artistic I love the eyelashes.
    No doubt the picture of Coco with her presents was a joy.
    Have a Merry Christmas and 2013


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