Dogs and Laughing and Art

Look! It’s a dog. And another! And another! Silly girl finds dogs everywhere!IMG_3826 IMG_3862 IMG_2982    She really is a goofball! We laugh all the time! She always makes me happier. 🙂  IMG_3358 IMG_3366
She really, really, really loves to draw and I couldn’t be happier about this! The artist in me is more than thrilled to spend time doing art together.

IMG_3333 IMG_3335
Even if it means I feel guilty. Here are some pictures she drew when I was late getting home one night. “Momma, that’s me sad. (turns paper over) And that’s me crying.. with my dog.” Awww… Mommy’s so sorry Pumpkin!! 😦  IMG_4208 IMG_4209

I much prefer to see her happy, silly, smiling face! Like here!IMG_3563

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One Response to Dogs and Laughing and Art

  1. Sen says:

    Hi! Nice pictures!
    Merry Christmas and make it a great vacation.


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