Early Christmas 2012

Santa came early for us in Manila because we will be out of town for the actual holiday. I  heard Coco stirring early in the morning but I wanted to hear her say something, anything but instead doing as she is told she ran towards her yaya’s room to tell her all about it since she has been instructed not to wake Mommy in the mornings. Sigh. Well, thankfully the yaya has the day off so I quickly ran into the living room and she turned to me and said, “Look, Momma! Santa brought me a bike!”IMG_4074
In the basket was some candy, a chocolate dipped caramel apple and a DVD of Madagascar 3 which I refused to buy for her in the store a few weeks ago. She was sooo happy about it all! She said, “I didn’t know I was going to get a bike and now I have a bike.. I will hug Santa.” 🙂

IMG_4071 IMG_4080 IMG_4087 IMG_4084   IMG_4111 IMG_4097 IMG_4095 IMG_4105IMG_4116It was fun. After we watched a movie (she also got Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Nanny McPhee, Happy Feet and some movie about dolphins) I convinced her that we needed to eat breakfast. She was full from eating all the candy that Mommy would never have given her but she agreed to go to breakfast if she could ride her new bike. We headed to out local breakfast joint in our neighborhood. Oops! I forgot the helmet. Glad it was a short ride. She knows now she’s not allowed to ride it anymore without her yellow helmet. 🙂 She did  a pretty good job! The seat was a little too high so we got it adjusted after breakfast  but not before checking in on the huge fish in the pond.IMG_4124     She loves to sit and look at them every time we pass by.       IMG_4133The guards in our building are so nice! They are there every day to hold open the doors, help with packages, check IDs of visitors, etc. They always have a smile on their faces and kind words to say. They especially love to see Coco coming through the lobby. I’m sure her high energy and mega watt smile brighten their day. They give her high fives and ask her how she’s doing. They joke around with her that their hands are broken after her high fives. She laughs and chases them. Not surprisingly they were more than happy to help us out with lowering her seat. She loves her new bike and I’m glad she has room to grow into it.

She loves this other toy I got her (and so do I!). It’s a donkey and when you press its arm it sings The Temptations Sugar Pie Honey Bunch and wiggles and its ears fly up and down. It is so darn cute!!

IMG_4135IMG_4139IMG_4140It was a fun day full of movies and Mommy time. She was so happy. Then we took her bike for a final spin that night and ordered in pizza for dinner. It was a fun early Christmas!IMG_4166

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3 Responses to Early Christmas 2012

  1. De says:

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Jessi says:

    Sounds like a blast!!!!!

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