Ten Days in the City of Lights

I didn’t know what to do about Christmas. I knew that spending it alone (just me and Coco) would be lonely and strange but with my parents in a retirement community I wasn’t sure if we could go there either. What to do? What to do? I really wanted to travel somewhere in Asia but my mom said if we were all going to meet she would only go as far as Europe so alrighty then! Europe it was. I started looking into flights and the cheapest place I found was Istanbul but a good friend of mine used to live there and said we did not want to go to Istanbul in December (freezing cold rain) so we ruled that out. The next place I found was Berlin but my mom wasn’t interested in Berlin. I went on to suggest Barcelona and Sicily and Cologne and London but moms wasn’t feeling any of those so finally I told her I was just going to book our tickets somewhere and she could come or not and that’s exactly what I did! LOL After Istanbul and Berlin the next cheapest I city I found was PARIS! My mom was thrilled and more than happy to book a Christmas trip to the City of Lights so she and my dad and my sister met us there on December 20th!



I wanted to stay in an apartment with a kitchen and a place to put up a Christmas tree to make it warm and homey and I found an adorable apartment on airbnb. I was a bit apprehensive to use the site but the place has turned out to be fantastic and in a great location. We are loving every minute of our trip in this magical, inspirational city!!

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5 Responses to Ten Days in the City of Lights

  1. zoya says:

    Great! I love love Paris!! I hope you are enjoying it.
    Barcelona should definatelly be the next stop. 🙂

  2. zoya says:

    No, I am from Slovenia. Nice place to visit also. 🙂
    But I love love Barcelona! Would love to live there.

  3. Jessi says:

    i”m so jelous! Paris is on our list. I went in college and have been dying to go back.

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