Our Parisian Apartment

I knew when we went to Paris I was going to want to rent an apartment and not stay in a hotel. For one I thought it would be cheaper but I also wanted an authentic and homey experience and not the sterility of a hotel. I knew my parents would want a place to come back to during the day to rest and maybe make a cup of tea and watch some TV. Plus I wanted to put up a Christmas tree!

I found this place on airbnb. I have never rented through them before and wasn’t sure what to expect. What a great first experience! The place was immaculate and even relatively large by Parisian standards. It was close to a metro and in a great little neighborhood, called Le Marias, where you can walk to many shops and restaurants. We all loved it there! It wasn’t super cheap but divided by 4 it was quite reasonable and made for a great, authentic experience. Here are a few pics I snapped on the last day (hence the suitcases being packed in the room Coco and I shared) 🙂IMG_4732 IMG_4738       A pic of the hallway, the modern bathroom and the wonderful electric heater on the wallIMG_4740 IMG_4730 IMG_4731        A picture of another bathroom and one of the livingroom.IMG_4736 IMG_4735   The woman we rented from said she bought the place last year and did a total gut renovation over 7 months. I was dying to ask her how much she payed for it.. but I didn’t. We especially loved the kitchen. The appliances all had cabinet fronts so they were hidden. You couldn’t see the fridge or the dishwasher cause they looked like cabinets. So cool!IMG_4733 IMG_4734        We ate breakfast together every morning. Almost every day we had croissants with apricot jam, greek yogurt with banana and tea or coffee. Yum! The best part though really was the fellowship with family around the table. Such a blessing to celebrate Christmas together. IMG_4728 IMG_4729   IMG_4725 IMG_4727      And here are some pictures of our street and the neighborhood. We really, really loved it!  IMG_4712 IMG_4720 IMG_4722       IMG_4713 IMG_4714 IMG_4716   One morning my sister and I went out to pick up the morning pastries and stopped for coffee. It was about 8 am but the sun was just rising! So strange.. looked like dawn!   IMG_4698 IMG_4700 IMG_4701 IMG_4702 IMG_4704  IMG_4703 IMG_4706  And a few more pics of the neighborhood, near our building and other parts of Le Marais.IMG_4723 IMG_4717  IMG_4677 IMG_4673        It was a great first airbnb experience!! The apartment we chose was nice but our hosts made it even more so buy putting up a tree for us and even wrapping gifts for us to open on Christmas day! Seriously! Can you believe it? They left me wine and cookies and on Christmas day I unwrapped more cookies and a tealight candle in a silver holder and they even gave a Cinderella doll for Coco! They were so incredibly thoughtful! Of course the city we were in made it amazing, but really, I highly recommend renting through airbnb for your next trip! We lucked out no doubt but I think it’s a great option. (And no, they didn’t pay me to write this but what a great concept for a company. Wish I had thought of it!!)

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6 Responses to Our Parisian Apartment

  1. Wow, that sounds simply magical! Glad you had a great Christmas in Paris.

  2. zoya says:

    Wow, tjis kitchen looks EXACTLY like mine. Eaven the purple colour is the same. 🙂
    It is very common that the appliances all have cabinet fronts here in Europe. We love this style. 🙂

  3. Janie hatton says:

    Thank you for sharing, I plan to replicate this experience.

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