Christmas Day in Paris

We were so busy and having so much fun in Paris I scarcely had any time to blog! Man, I LOVE this city! I would give my right arm to live here. Okay, not really (well, definitely a toe!) but dang, it is just so incredibly gorgeous! I just love it!!! I think partially because I really love NYC and it is similar in so many ways but then it has the architecture and the language and the boulangeries! Don’t even get me started on the boulangeries! LOL

So, let’s see. Let me back up a bit.. Christmas Day. Ah, well, waking up in Paris on Christmas was certainly magical for me. For Coco, well, her real Christmas was back in Manila. Santa did stop by and fill her stocking though so she was happy about that! The first photo shows her bleary-eyed in the living room where she saw that Santa and the reindeer ate all their food. The next photo is her checking out what was in her stocking.IMG_4318 IMG_4319  Santa put a ton of chocolate in her stocking! I knew she would be happy about that. I should have predicted she would want to eat the entire contents that morning! Oy! 🙂
IMG_4343 IMG_4361 IMG_4364 IMG_4360 IMG_4406 IMG_4388
I showed Coco how I had heard someone had filmed Santa (NORAD) as he flew into Paris. I pulled out my computer to show her. I couldn’t show her live because it was made in the US and she was still awake when he headed into Paris!IMG_4408After opening her stocking we got dressed and headed out to St. Cloud, a suburb of Paris where my mom’s friend lives, for Christmas dinner. There was some gorgeous scenery on the way over and warming ourselves by the fire. And then there were more gifts!  IMG_4422 IMG_4410 IMG_4421 IMG_4433 IMG_4434 IMG_4431 IMG_4439 IMG_4446 IMG_4463 IMG_4466 IMG_4468 Then we toasted old friends and good fortune and sat down to a magnificent Christmas meal. My mom’s friend went all out and it was oh so French and so delicious!IMG_4486 IMG_4487   She prepared goose and duck foie gras to start. She made sure we knew it was foie gras and not paté (which I thought it was). Coco tried it and liked it. She said it tasted like cheese. LOL! We also had french bread (without butter like the French) and red wine. My mom’s friend is American but has lived in France for 50 yrs. She met her husband, a Frenchman, on a boat after traveling abroad post college. Man, why didn’t that happen to me?! 🙂 IMG_4489The main dish was called “chicken melon” which she prepared with the help of Julia Child. Oh my goodness was it ever delicious! Not simple to prepare either! Much appreciated!IMG_4494IMG_4499 IMG_4518       It was a beautiful, magical Christmas day. I felt so blessed to be able to spend it in Paris with family. After dinner Coco and I headed on home on the metro (taxis will only take 4 people at a time!) while my sister and parents took a cab. We met them back at the apartment for some cuddling and movies. Coco really, really loves her grandparents. When we walked down the steps to the metro she cried. Another day when we split up she cried then too. It is a beautiful thing to see them spending time together. That night she was so happy sitting with them watching TV even though it was all in French. That was fine with Coco and I didn’t mind her watching hours of television because I figured it would help her develop and ear for the accent in case we move there this summer. Trust and believe I will send out an application to a school where I found an opening! We both love France. But if we end up back in the States that will be fine too because she will be able to spend more quality time with family and either situation would make us happy (and my mom said if we end up in France she will come and stay for the entire summer!)

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