Fun Times in Paris


We had a great time exploring the sights in Paris. The city is just beautiful! Coco was dying to go up in this Ferris wheel – or ‘Paris’ wheel as she called it 🙂 – so I dragged my family along. They were not excited and complained of the distance and the cold the whole time until we got up to the top and then they were thrilled! The view really was amazing!

IMG_4558 IMG_4559 IMG_4557 IMG_4549 IMG_4570 They took this picture of us after we got off. My sister purchased the original for 10 Euros and I took a picture of the picture. It cracks me up! That’s one crazy photo!!!

IMG_4623 It was a freezing cold day –like really, really, really cold with freezing rain but it was a lot of fun. We capped it off with crêpes au jambon et fromage pour moi (yummy!!) and a crêpe au sucre pour Coco. We also sipped vin chaud et chocolat chaud. Mmmmm.

IMG_4577Another day my sister, Coco and I went on a search for a transformer. It was a lot of fun walking around the city and practicing our French. Afterwards we stopped for some chocolat chaud and some café au lait. Twelve Euros for three drinks though!? Insane!

IMG_4542Another day we took a metro to Notre Dame. We took a metro and my family took a taxi. The metro took forever and when we got there the line was too long to go inside so we took some pics and were about to leave when we couldn’t find my parents. We had a plan to meet at the back of the church but since we decided not to go in I wasn’t sure what we were going to do. It was a long trip to spend 5 minutes taking pictures so I told Coco to open her eyes and search for our family in the throngs of tourists. A few seconds later she yelled, “Look! I see grandpa!” and lo and behold she was right! They were about 300 yards away with about 100 people in between us, walking away from the church down the street. They had given up being able to find us so they were surprised to us running  up to them!

IMG_4586IMG_4585IMG_4610We bought a few quick souvenirs and then enjoyed some dinner together in a café. Well, they ate dinner. I was too stuffed still from lunch earlier to I asked for some water. “Bubbly or still?,” inquired the waiter. I wasn’t trying to pay so I said “still” assuming it was tap water. Um, no. He brought two bottles of Evian to the table for Coco and me. They were unopened so I asked him to take them back and clarified that I wanted tap water but he refused. Wow. 12 Euros for two bottles of water! That’s $15.80! For water! I was not happy. Okay, we were in an extremely touristy area but come on! Luckily Coco wasn’t hungry either so I didn’t have to order her any food! Cheapskate! 🙂IMG_4583 IMG_4613

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