Happy 85th Birthday, Mom!

IMG_4676Sounds amazing, it is amazing – my mom turned 85 this week!  Eighty-five?! That is so unbelievable to me. That sounds like somebody’s grandmother –ok, she is somebody’s grandmother–but she’s also my mother! And she’s 85.  That is a true blessing!! We celebrated by going to a lovely French restaurant for lunch. We had chosen one based on some good reviews on the internet but then an old friend of mine got in touch on Facebook and recommended another one instead. This friend, by the way, was a French guy I met as a teen at summer camp.. Ah, young love.. Hmmm.. I guess it could have turned out to be the romantic story of American girl and French boy, but alas it did not. Oh well, I digress..

The restaurant was in the heart of Le Marais and I fell in love with the area even more. Look at how beautiful it was and look at this neighborhood!!

IMG_4673IMG_4674IMG_4677Gorgeous architecture, well-dressed people, boutiques, narrow streets. Love!

IMG_4637The meal was good, too. Well, good in a fancy-rich-French- meal kind of way. Not something you would eat every day, but certainly interesting and memorable. We started out with escargots. None of us had ever tried them so we agreed to lift our forks and sample them simultaneously. They weren’t bad. Tasted like mussels to me. Coco, on the other hand, wasn’t impressed. LOL. We also had a salad with some warm, pungent cheese on top (not very good) and some leek thingy that was tasty. My dad ordered the sea bass. It was delicious!! I have never had fish marinated like that. Divine. Coco and my sister had some steak and potatoes which were yummy and my mom and I ordered lapin! I have never eaten rabbit but it was pretty tasty.

IMG_4638 IMG_4640 IMG_4639 IMG_4643 IMG_4661IMG_4660IMG_4659IMG_4666We ordered wine to go with our meal (or course) and they brought bread to the table (of course) and then we capped off the meal with dessert (of course)! We weren’t the slightest bit hungry at this point but it was my mom’s 85th birthday for crying out loud! If that doesn’t scream order dessert then I don’t know what does! We settled on the crème brûlée, chocolate ice cream and fruit sorbet. Coco lucked out when she got to finish off my mom’s sorbet as well. Yeah, we were totally stuffed. 🙂 It was really fun though and we will all remember it for a very long time. At the end of the meal, my friend Eric stopped by with his kids. I hadn’t seen him in years so that was really nice.

Happy birthday mom! We love you so much!! xoxo

IMG_4624 IMG_4625 IMG_4628 IMG_4630

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