La Tour Eiffel

I had been reading Coco books about Paris leading up to our trip so she would know about The Eiffel Tower and, more importantly, pain au chocolat! 🙂  It was so cute because I never did tell her how to say Eiffel Tower in English so when she did spy it from a taxi she would yell, “La Tour Eiffel!! La Tour Eiffel!!” Somehow it got to the last day of our trip and she still hadn’t seen it up close so that was the plan for our last day in Paris. That and a trip to Printemps to see the window display and to get some foundation for me!

We had to check out of our apartment a day early. Well the plan had been for everyone to go back to St. Cloud for one last night but I really didn’t want to do that; I wanted to squeeze every moment out of Paris possible!! So I booked a hotel 5 minutes from the Eiffel Tower and we checked in. I have never seen a smaller hotel room in my entire life!! It was just big enough for two twin beds, a desk and two nightstands. And there was a small bathroom, a flatscreen TV affixed to the wall and a fridge under the desk. Tiny and compact but perfectly fine for one night.

IMG_4736 IMG_4753

IMG_4752 IMG_4741 IMG_4742
IMG_4740 IMG_4744   The front lobby suggested we take a bus to Printemps since it was direct and that was easy and fun but I couldn’t for the life of me figure out where the bus stop was to take #22 back. So, after walking around for ages I gave up and we took the metro. We got out at the stop for the Eiffel Tower, rounded the corner and there she was: tall and regal and splendid in all her shimmering glory. I have a picture of me from this vantage point (Trocadéro) in a black and white checked jacket and frizzy hair from the 80s. I never thought at that time that I would be back with my own daughter! Yeah, it’s touristy but I loved seeing it again!IMG_4782 IMG_4765 IMG_4771IMG_4764 IMG_4779 IMG_4758

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