Last Day in Paris

We woke up after sleeping a lo-o-o-o-ong time. I slept 11 hours! Who does that? I sure don’t–haven’t since college probably. The bed was very comfortable and the room was pleasantly cool. We had some coffee and hot chocolate room service and chilled for awhile until I realized I was late checking out. Then it was a mad dash to get dressed and packed in time to get out of there before I got charged late check out fees. IMG_4797 They were nice not to charge us and recommended since we were short on time that we do a boat tour on the Seine. I loved the idea so we walked down to the river but the line was long by the time we got down there and I wasn’t sure Coco would enjoy it so we opted to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower instead. Sadly, the line there was even longer and after waiting in it for close to an hour I realized we wouldn’t get through it and up to the top in time to make our flight. Our hopes dashed, we headed back to the hotel to wait for our airport shuttle. I did get down on one knee, though, and looked Coco in the eye and apologized. Then I promised her we would come back to Paris one day. We got some hot chocolate, Coco looked at some pigeons (the Eiffel Tower in the background was far less interesting!! hahaha) and we headed to Charles de Gaulle. We flew to Beijing where we had a four-hour layover before heading back home to Manila. Coco made some new friends while I caught up on email. It was a great vacation and it’s confirmed: J’adore Paris!!! and can’t wait to return!!! Mark my words, we will be back soon!!

IMG_4816 IMG_4801 IMG_4809  IMG_4807  IMG_4812 IMG_4803IMG_4814IMG_4822 IMG_4823  IMG_4826 IMG_4835

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