Resolutions 2013

If I wrote down all the things I really plan to accomplish in 2013, the list would be really, really, really long. I have personal goals and family goals and goals for Coco and professional goals and spiritual goals and financial goals and health goals… man, I always have things I want to do… So, instead of making a huge, overwhelming list I am keeping it short and simple .. (drumroll please…)

1. Improve health, increase energy, relax. How? I will work out, lift weights, go to sleep early, reduce screen time, make doctor’s appointments, meditate, eat loads of vegetables, reduce sugar, take vitamins, drink water, etc. but the #1 focus is drink lots of water

2. Observe a budget, live more simply, pay off debt, get organized: #1 focus: pay off all debt (except for mortgages.. that can’t be done in a year!)

3. Be kind, appreciative, grateful, pray, give thanks and teach Coco to do the same. How? Practice random acts of kindness throughout the year

There you have it. Three simple resolutions.
In short: drink water, become debt-free, show kindness. I can do this!

And if I had to think of one word to focus on for the year it would be: simplify. I really want things to be simpler in my life– less stuff, less clutter, less work, fewer worries, etc. Did you make any resolutions this year? Care to share?

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