2012 – A Year in Review

Made a great list of resolutions
Went to Coco Beach for a week
Celebrated Chinese New Year in Chinatown
Went to Eagle Point in Anilao for  a weekend
Started a class: ESL in the Mainstream

We cooked a lot. Seriously, we did nothing else in February!

Coco and I celebrated two years together!
Went to an Easter Party at the British School
Did a 3-day coconut oil detox
Coco started ballet classes

Went to Singapore (5 hour layover)
Went to Phuket

Coco’s first ballet recital
Went to Holy Carabao Fun Farm with Adoption Group
Last day of school. Hallelujah! We survived!

Moved into our new condo.
Coco turned 4. I brought cupcakes to her swimming lesson. That’s all I could muster.
Went to LA to visit my sister. Surprised my old colleagues at their job.
Went to DC to visit friends. Threw myself a birthday party.

Went to Pennsylvania to visit my parents and celebrate the 4th of July
Went to Disneyland
Went to Sea World

Went back to DC
Went back to Pittsburgh
Went to Borocay to celebrate my friend’s birthday. First trip without Coco!
Had two days off work due to torrential rain.
Coco’s first day of Preschool 4

Visited a naturopathic doctor
Completed a 21-Day healthy eating plan

Went to Coco Beach for a week of sun and fun!
Met a family from Portland who moved here with a 4-year-old Ethiopian daughter
Went to Halloween Party in our building
Went to a “Pumpkin Patch” (I use that term loosely)
Failed at October Unprocessed
Went to Tagaytay to see the volcano
Started a class: Understanding by Design

Voted for Obama via fax (though I don’t think it went through)
Celebrated when he won another 4 years!
Ate a turkey burger on Thanksgiving with Coco from Apt. IB

Went to Bohol to see the targiers
Celebrated Christmas early in Manila
Went to Paris for ten days!

Upon reviewing this list I must say find it quite uninspiring. So, okay we did some traveling (in fact we set foot in 7 countries –the above plus layovers in Tokyo and Beijing!) so that was cool and I took some classes and I took a stab at improving my health but I didn’t really accomplish anything. Frankly, it’s all so unimpressive and blasé. I want 2013 to be really stellar. I want to start a business or foster a child or write a book or sell a photograph or get down to 135 pounds or chop my hair off or visit an ashram. I mean seriously, look at that. It’s all there in black and white and the bottom line is I did nothing important all year. That’s just not cool. How can I make 2013 different? Something to ponder..

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  1. Is “phucket” pronounced the way I think it is?

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