My New Juicer

I knew I wanted to buy a juicer yesterday but I didn’t think it was going to be so darn expensive! Problem was they only carried one brand and shopping in Manila is such a pain that I flat out refused to shop around. They had a little demo set up and I got to taste some fresh malunggay with orange. It was delightful and with malunggay added it’s way healthier than straight orange juice. I started envisioning the juices I could start serving Coco at breakfast. She’s starting to turn her nose up at veggies so the sample sold me until I heard the price and almost fainted. $350 for a juicer?! He said it was recommended by Oprah and Dr. Oz and had a copy of O Magazine to show me. I flipped to the page to check the price. I figured it was jacked way up and that it might make more sense to order it from Amazon but as it turned out O Magazine had it listed for $360! And boy was she pretty, purring softly and churning out liquid health into the plastic cup. I debated for a moment and then decided it was worth it. Hey, pay now or pay later as they say. Besides, all semester I had planned to travel this last week of vacation but when I returned from Paris I really couldn’t justify it. We didn’t need another vacation and I didn’t want to spend more money. So no Coco Beach surely means we can get a juicer, right?!

Look at her!IMG_4846 IMG_4847 She’s pretty, right? But, dang, she was a pain in the booty to assemble!! Line up this part with this red dot and line this part up with this arrow and on and on. I wanted to scream! Then I finally plugged her in and started to juice. It looked lovely coming out of the spout. I was thrilled. And then nothing. The motor stopped. What was going on? I was annoyed. This baby was way to expensive to conk out on my on day 1! I took her apart and cleaned her. I tried again. The motor ran for a few seconds and then shut off. What in the world?! I was so pissed! And then I saw my error. It wasn’t my lovely new machine’s fault. It was my stupid error. I had plugged it into the 110 voltage outlet in my kitchen. Duh! Most of the rooms in my condo have dual voltage outlets. I marked them all but clearly I didn’t see the red 110 above the plug. Horrified, I snatched it out, attached the transformer (which you can see in the left side of the right photo on the counter beside the Vitamix) and plugged it into the 220 plug. Whhhrrrr.. she started purring again like a baby. Phew! That was close! Glad I didn’t burn it completely out on day one! I ended up making some watermelon, pineapple, malunggay juice. So tasty! Pricey but worth it.

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