Parisian State of Mind

“One hand in the air for the big city
Street lights, big dreams, all lookin’ pretty
No place in the world that could compare
Put your lighters in the air
Everybody say “yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah”

New York  Paris concrete jungle where dreams are made of
There’s nothin’ you I can’t do
Now you’re When I’m in New York Paris
These Those streets will make you me feel brand new
Big lights will inspire you me
Let’s hear it for New York, New York, New York Paris, Paris, Paris!!!”

Jay Z and Alicia Keys have it right about NY –it is all of that; but Paris is too (in a European, Français, ooh la la-eat bread every day-kind of way). Yes, I think I love Paris because it reminds me a lot of NY: the metro, the fashion, the food, the throngs of tourists and all the energy. It’s like New York with gorgeous architecture, daily pain au chocolat and that je ne sais quoi. I have lived in NYC and loved every minute of it. In fact I had every intention on returning after grad school but my masters program was a mess and they made us all do extra courses and changed requirements mid-course. Because of all the time required to complete the program I ended up never moving back. I have missed it ever since. Being in Paris brought back all those feelings I used to get, feelings like I was on the pulse of the action. I love that! Manila is a large city and feels more crowded than NY (even though it’s 1/8 the size) but it doesn’t give out the energy and the vibe of those places and I miss that. Otherwise why bother living in a concrete jungle with massive traffic jams? I want to live in the midst of all that awesome energy.

Sadly, I haven’t been able to come across a single vacancy in the entire country let alone Paris. I have looked in Toulouse, Nice, Lyon, Marseille and a few others and zilch. Nothing. Well there are some openings but I’m not qualified to apply. Biggest stumbling block? No French working papers; no EU passport. But then it dawned on my that New York City would be a good option, too. I am allowed to work there! I know it’s expensive as all get out and we’d live in a tiny matchbox of an apartment but we’d be in NYC! When I did a search I found two good options and sent my resume off right away! I want to kick myself when I remember how one of the places offered me a job about 15 yrs ago. I didn’t take it for the dumbest reason! Man, do I have some regrets!! I’d take either one now (if they paid over $85,000).

NY/Pairs. Paris/NY. Both awesome cities which have me wrapped.

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6 Responses to Parisian State of Mind

  1. Sen says:

    Have you read The blogger gave up everything and moved there in Dec or Jan.

    NYC is fun; especially if you can find a nice “reasonable” price apartment. The only problem is the tolls are rising each year so make sure and factor that in.


  2. pierre leavell says:

    Let’s not forget Rio for energy! With the Olympics coming there in three years, it would be a great place to relocate to! Sunny beaches and cool people. A new city to explore Ms. Marco Polo.

    • Joy says:

      i didn’t know olympics were going to rio. i haven’t really looked much at brazil once the school i was considering hired but i will check it out again.

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