I am eating the most delicious meal as I sit here at the table and type up this post. Look: IMG_4922

What? It doesn’t look delicious? Okay maybe you’re right about that but it tastes awesome! What is it? Well it doesn’t have a name since I made it up but it’s Thai eggplant on cornmeal tortillas with cheddar cheese and a glass of cucumber/spinach/orange/mulunggay juice! The eggplant I made using this recipe. And to make the corn tortillas I mixed up (ok my yaya did this part) masa corn flour, salt and water. The tortilla mix had to sit for an hour. Then I fried up the tortillas in a swirl of coconut oil and butter and topped them with the Thai eggplant and cheddar.

The juice was easy – I just threw it all in my new juicer. It had a lot of pulp in it and totally IMG_4925hit the spot. I love how you can see the orange and the greens swirled together in the glass. Had an apple and some homemade chocolate pancakes with almond flour and honey. It feels so good to eat homemade healthy food! I am trying to get back into it. It’s a process though; today I also made some poor choices like drinking a half a cup of coffee and eating some chocolates. Dark chocolate with a coconut cherry filling. Odd, but strangely enjoyable and I don’t even like fake cherry stuff. And 5 graham crackers. And I’m thinking about making some S’mores. Yup, got all the ingredients right here! See? It’s a process.. 🙂

What did you eat today? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

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2 Responses to Yum

  1. Jessi says:

    We’re headed out to buy a breadmaker today so that we can try to get into this unprocessed thing a little more whole hearted. We spent a really long time at the grocery store last week reading labels. I was pretty amazed that there really were a lot of unprocessed options… we just had to search them out. Our diet won’t have to change much… we just won’t be eatting all the crap in the brands we just to buy. I think I’m going to blog about it…. although me and sticking to blogging has not worked well in the past. We shall see.

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