My Baby’s Growing Up

It’s true. She is getting big so quickly but this just blew me away! She came in my room Saturday  morning saying, “Mommy, did you know that sometimes my tooth hurts when I eat?” I wasn’t really paying much attention so I asked her to repeat what she said. “Yeah, Mommy. It hurts.” So I asked her to show me. Turns out she has a loose tooth! I never would have suspected that! I was expecting to see a canker sore or a cut or nothing at all but never in my wildest imagination would I have expected to see a loose tooth! She put her finger on it and sure enough it wiggled back and forth.

I was surprised by my reaction. I was proud and wistful and then I hugged her– to reassure that everything would be alright but mainly because it is such a joy to be able to experience these sorts of things with your child. On the other hand it’s hard to see your child growing up so rapidly before your eyes.

Later that morning I hopped on Google to see what I could find about the age that teeth fall out. I always thought it was more like 5 or 6. Immediately my mind went to her actual birthday and wondering if perhaps she really is 5, but according to what I read teeth commonly start to fall out around 4 1\2 and that’s where she is (well, 4yrs 7 months).

Tonight I got some pictures of her looking at her wiggly tooth in the mirror. She was worried that it would always hurt when she eats and I told her once it’s gone it will be fine again. She also asked why she was losing her teeth and I explained that to her as well. I  asked her if I could wiggle it (she told me to do it gently because it was so “fragile”) and when I did that I discovered the tooth next to it is loose, too! Very soon she will be losing her two bottom teeth! I can’t stand it! She is getting so big so quickly!

IMG_4949 IMG_4952 IMG_4959 IMG_4955

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