Homemade Bread

I found a recipe for 5-minute no knead bread and to say the least I was intrigued. I love homemade bread, especially straight from the oven, piping hot and drenched in butter but without a bread maker I figured it would be too challenging and time consuming to attempt. But then a few months ago while pinning recipes to my boards like a madwoman, I found a no-knead recipe that caused an uproar in the bread baking community. A good artisan bread without kneading?! Impossible. But Jim Lahey from Sullivan Street Bakery published a recipe in The New York Times for a no-knead bread that was supposedly easy and fabulous. (I say this like I am some bread-baking expert. Ha! Disclaimer: I have never baked a loaf of bread from scratch in my entire life!)

I have been wanting to try his recipe so I went out and bought the ingredients this past weekend. Now that I am playing tennis 3x a week and drinking lots of water I am feeling more motivated to start eating healthier again (after a Christmas free for all). I also credit my friend Jessi for getting me back on track. She and I discussed this a few times before, but she wasn’t sold on organic/unprocessed/homemade foods thing but somehow she has decided to give eating this way a try. Hey, I figure if stubborn Jessi is now making unprocessed food from scratch I have no excuse!  LOL (Luv ya Jessi!!! 🙂 )

Upon reviewing the recipe this evening, though, I discovered it has to rise 12-18 hours. Oh noooo, I am way too impatient for that so I looked for another no-knead bread. Enter the recipe from Tickling Palates. I put in about half whole wheat flour in with the white flour but that was the only substitution. It was so easy to mix up! Seriously, only 5 minutes!IMG_5214

And the taste? Well, downright tasty, I’d say! It is definitely crusty, artisan bread though. I mean seriously crispy –like try not to break a tooth and don’t serve it to your wiggly-toothed 4-year old– but I really enjoyed it, especially the simplicity. And slathering it with butter helped. 😉 And knowing all the ingredients in my bread? Bonus points!!


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10 Responses to Homemade Bread

  1. Tracy says:

    I’ve made bread before using a bread machine. But it was so hard to store that blasted machine due to size that I donated it to Goodwill after about a year. I miss is now. I don’t mind waiting for bread to rise but the kneading by hand is torture! I am going to try my Kithenaide mixer for kneading and maybe I’ll get back into making bread. Come visit me at my blog. http://mommabesscooks.com

  2. Roxana says:

    I have a recipe that works wonders! It hasno white flour, only whole wheat, with a double dose of yeast. No kneading, but I gave a ball to each child, and they play with it, to knead it anyway, and it is the best homemade bread! Sometimes we made it with jam, and I sent them home together!
    I will find the recipe.

  3. explodyfull says:

    Now THAT looks like a good amount of butter on your bread…..delicious!

  4. Jessi says:

    That looks amazing. How do you feel about using white flour? I was thinking about this today at lunch… if I’m only using whole wheat flour then I’m only ever going to get whole wheat bread. Thats no fun. Are there other unprocessed flour options?????

    • Joy says:

      i don’t know. i used unbleached flour but it’s still considered processed because it’s enriched (and refined). i figure making it yourself even with white flour from time to time is still so far superior to anything off a supermarket shelf so i wouldn’t beat yourself up about it. perhaps when you get really hard core down the road you can be more concerned and find alternatives but for now i think using some occassionally is ok.

  5. Stefanie says:

    Check out artisanbreadinfive.com. It’s what I use when I want to know what’s in my bread. It works. The only problem I have with it is it requires a large space in your fridge for a big bowl of dough. My fridge is too small, so I don’t do this as often as I would like. If you search the website, some of the recipes are there. Try a search for “master recipe”. I think that’s what they call the basic recipe on which the others are based.


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