A or B –and now C?

I have been so busy that I don’t have the time or energy to post! I have tons of photos and a few stories but, man, am I busy!! Why? Job hunting. So here’s the million dollar question.. do I take choice A or B? I had a really good interview and am pondering my decision in case it’s offered. So, do I..

A. Accept a job in a clean, safe country with gorgeous outdoor activities around every corner but where once again there are virtually no men to date?


B. Decline the job and move back home with (possibly) no job for a while or likely not a high-paying or interesting one but where I’ll be near family and friends and where there are men to date?

(tryin’ to get married, y’all..but I don’t want to be broke again…)

Oh, and there is plan C.  I had ruled it out until just now as I edit this but here it is:

C. Attend a far away and thus very expensive job fair (we’re talkin’ over $3,000) where I may have several interviews and where I may luck out and get a place with decent money and a few men? I had ruled this out initially because it’s an expensive risk but now it’s looking like the best choice..

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8 Responses to A or B –and now C?

  1. Roxana says:

    Where are the jobs

    • Joy says:

      all over! paris, munich, franfurt, london, madrid, barcelona, the hague, brussels, oman, dubai, abu dhabi, kuwait, saudi, hong kong, korea, japan, south afria, ethiopia, tanzania, ghana…it’s really where do you want to go?

  2. Laurie says:

    I say keep up with the adventure and travel!! As Coco gets older, that will be harder to do- so go for it.

  3. Roxana says:

    Me? I would rather stay in Europe, Barcelona , etc- someplace where I could get home more easily in an emergency, and where there there is no risk of some sort of anger amongst the people. I would go to the job fair.

    • Joy says:

      i concur! looking at flights now! europe is a top choice but the weather sux and worse, they don’t pay well but i am still goign to consider it

  4. Jessi says:

    What about choice D. You get other phone interviews without going to the job fair and can still stay abroad?

    • Joy says:

      that was my original plan but they are slow in coming! i had originally planned to just do that and if was meant to be it was to be and if not, well, then i would return home. however, now i am thinking it makes more sense to get a bunch of interviews in person and try to get an offer that way. if that doesn’t work out, well it was expensive but at least i gave it my all and i can return home knowing i put in 100%.

  5. Soror Jacqui says:

    Hi there Soror. I say stay overseas and enjoy. Your path will cross with the right man. Keep ur faith in God. U can always establish friendships with males online thru dating websites. The unemployment rate is almost 8% here. Don’t come home just yet. You’ve done great in paying off things. I wish I could say the same.

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