So Busy!

It has been so long since I posted. As I mentioned, I am very preoccupied with job hunting. I am going to attend the job fair after all and there are several cities with openings, including: Johannesburg, Muscat, Paris, Barcelona, Kuwait City, Doha, Shanghai, Chennai, Mumbai, New Delhi and more! To be honest though, for me to accept it has to be a great job and a great city. It’s not making it an easy process. I wasn’t going to go but I want to at least say I tried and if it doesn’t work out that is perfectly fine. My Plan B is good. What makes me anxious is leaving Coco for the week–way more than interviewing. But I do have some friends who are going to look out for her and I am preparing a document with all her moves and information to distribute to a variety of people. Man, it would be SO MUCH EASIER if I could just leave her home with her Dad!!! And that, my friend, is the number one reason I gotta get out of Manila. I am SO OVER single parenting!

In other news..
IMG_5178  IMG_5385 Coco and were racing coming back from my tennis lesson and we slipped on the marble steps out in front of my building. To keep her from face-planting on the marble I held her up at a weird angle and lost my balance. That hurt like H-E-double hockey sticks!!! The bruise is mostly gone now but it still hurts to touch and it feels like something broke off in there and is moving around. I am considering getting an x-ray if it isn’t completely healed in the next week or two. By the way Coco took that second picture. She’s good!

Speaking of Coco, she lost another tooth! Now she is missing her two bottom teeth. She looks so old! It’s good it fell out though because she had to bite on the side like this. LOL

IMG_5487 IMG_5485 IMG_5344 IMG_5447  IMG_5448
She likes to feel the space where her teeth once were.

IMG_5642IMG_5643I made some applesauce the other day–just threw some cored apples into my Vitamix with some water, cinnamon and vanilla. It was pretty good. Coco declared that it tasted just like the applesauce she had at “Chulo’s house”. Chulo is my friend’s dog :). The applesauce there was store-bought. I think mine was tastier probably because of the vanilla.

We’ve been spending time at our pool. I am so glad we live here! Enjoying it while we can.. IMG_5402IMG_5404 IMG_5419 IMG_5431 IMG_5436

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2 Responses to So Busy!

  1. Laurie says:

    If you are in my home city for the conference, let me know! My daughter and I would love to give you a quck tour or meet for a coffee/ hot chocolate (in her case). Good luck with your interviews. Crossing my fingers for Paris!!

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