Down to Two

I am trying to make one of the hardest decisions I have ever made! Here’s the deal: I have two job offers. One has an excellent, excellent package. The other, not so much– but it offers other things. Read on..

Job A: Addis Ababa
1. Great tax-free salary
2. Furnished housing and utilities included
3. Free tuition for Coco
4. Health insurance
5. 10% matching retirement plan
6. interesting people and an adventure
7. travel opportunities to South Africa and Kenya (two places I really want to visit!)
8. can have Coco learn Amharic
9. can get to know Ethiopia by traveling around on weekends and vacations
10. inexpensive hired help (nanny, cook, etc.)
11. cheap place to continue my obsession with tennis
12. 6,000 miles from home
13. rolling black outs and water shortages
14. can’t drink the water – can get parasites
15. must iron all clothing after washing to kill the bugs that lay eggs in cotton
16. poor internet service which can’t handle YouTube, Skype, etc.
17. poor hospitals (would have to be evacuated in true emergency)
18. severely limited dating opportunities
19. limited social activities outside of get togethers with colleagues

Job B: Washington, DC
1. low-key job, easy commute
2. near friends and family
3. great dating opportunities
4. great internet which can help in language learning, planning my next career move, etc.
5. clean, green city
6. festivals, museums, libraries, parks, cultural events all the time
7. low salary
8. neither housing nor utilities are included
9. only partial tuition for Coco
10. been there, done that

I have asked for advice but had to stop because people share based on their own experiences and desires. Overwhelmingly people are telling me to move to Ethiopia. Why? Because possibly they don’t get to travel much, they have romanticized what living in Ethiopia would be like, they have a child adopted from there and feel living there would be very beneficial, they are married, they aren’t close to family, they have massive debt, they have iron stomachs, they would kill for hired help, they are bored with their lives, they feel like this offer is a once in a lifetime/now or never type of opportunity, they think boiling water is no big deal, they see dollar signs, etc.

But here’s what I want in the next two years: I want to spend time with my aging parents–not just for me but for Coco to develop a stronger relationship with them as well, I want to have internet access to not only blog 😉 but to plan my next career move, I am over not being able to drink water and pollution and filth and I want to date! And don’t get me wrong, that money is speaking to me, too!! I don’t have massive debt anymore but I also don’t have a savings. If I remain overseas, the next two years will mean money in the bank. But for what I want in the short-term (time with family, clean & green surroundings, dating opps and a way to plan my next move) then, to me, the clear move is back to DC… but dang!!! why does that package in Ethiopia have to be so good?!?!?!?

Decisions, decisions… keep ya posted!

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7 Responses to Down to Two

  1. adoptionista says:

    Wow! What fantastic options! Since DC was on our docket, we did a lot of research and it seemed very kid-friendly, which I love. The cost of living was/is a big downside for us. Our housing would be covered (up to a cap) and even still, we had to be careful what areas we looked at. I probably shouldn’t look at things like crime maps. But then again…I’m home with the kids, and 32 stabbings on the corner of the street in the past month just doesn’t sound like a good gamble. The safer areas were expensive and smaller.

    If you took DC, would you get the chance to go abroad again in the future, or is Ethiopia a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity?

    Tough decision!

  2. Robin(dootaboot) says:

    Hello, I would pick the Ethopian option for this coming year only. When Coco starts school you want her to be in a stable area. It is hard for children to keep changing schools and trying to make new friends every year. I have been following you for a while. I like your old postings from when you started out. Will you be allowing your old followers access to those postings again? They were so helpful to me in making up my mind about adopting as a single black female. You will have my email please let me know. I have shared the other site with my family and it help them as well in wanting to help me in my journey.I did let you know I am from Pittsburgh also. I went to Peabody High School. I still have my mom and two sisters there. So I am there often. Maybe one day we may meet up when you are in the country. Be blessed and I pray I am of some help to you.

  3. Roxana says:

    What a difficult decision! If I were you, I would come back near your parents, and go back to Eithiopia for a summer with your whole family.

  4. Jacqui says:

    This is Soror Jacqui. Come back home!!! We miss you. Being in Addis is just too far from your family and those blackouts are NO JOKE. When I was there for one week, I thought I was going to loose my mind as you never know how long they will last. Then the internet connection was horrible!! Come Home!

  5. zoya says:

    uf, that is really hard! but I would probablly chose Washington. you can go to ethiopia in a few years, but your parents won˙t be there forever. and ethiopia will still be there when you¨ll find a soulmate. 🙂

  6. pierre leavell says:

    The World will still be out there for you to explore. Come home, your friends and family will truely appreciate the gift you give…yourself. Miss you. : )

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