And She Resurfaces..

It seems like I have been absent for an eternity, y’all. But in actuality it has only been two weeks. I know, two weeks is an eternity in the blogging world. Wait, it hasn’t just been two weeks, it’s been three weeks! My bad, I’ve been busy. Wait, that sounds way too mild. Busy doesn’t really describe how I have been. I have been busy, yes, but I could also be described as crazed, frantic, frenetic, overwhelmed, excited, exhausted, stressed out, anxious, frustrated, irritated, discouraged and despondent.

It’s been a crazy, crazy two three weeks. My computer was in the shop for over a week which explains the lack of posts but also I have been trying to prepare for a move overseas along with hanging out and playing lots of tennis and doing taxes and figuring out schooling/housing for next year, planning a couple of Asian trips while we are on this side of the world, all with managing severe-came-out-of-nowhere-hip pain–well it’s taking its toll. I have been getting massages like they are going out of style just so I can walk across the room without wincing in pain. It’s not necessarily helping but I do like my massages.

So lots of posts coming up including Malasimbo Festival, a trip to the dentist, Student-Led conferences, a trip to Subic, hanging out on the town, International Day at school and more. For now, though, I will leave you with this one photo. It’s so peaceful. I need this.IMG_5971 Isn’t the Philippines beautiful?

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