Modeling Gig?

I took Coco to meet with a modeling agent here in Manila. I think she is absolutely stunning with her gorgeous eyes, dark eyebrows, infectious smile and that massive pile of curls. I got the name of the agent from a woman I know whose children do modeling for her. I figured, why not cause when I looked on her website there wasn’t a single black child in her database. I know the Philippines is obsessed with being white and most people lighten their skin (I don’t dare buy the lotion or deodorant here!) but surely there are some companies out here who are interested in another type of look. If so, she will be the only one available!

The agency was in a townhouse and like everywhere in Manila it had security guards out front who called up to inform her of our arrival. While waiting I snapped this shot.

IMG_6251We went upstairs and filled out the paperwork. We were both sweating profusely because the taxi driver wasn’t familiar with the address and let us out several blocks away. We had to walk swiftly in the blazing sun because we were running late and were a bit of a mess when we arrived. The agent told me to clean ourselves up and to apply some make up. Not only had I not brought any make up but I also didn’t have a change of clothes that she asked for. No one told me to bring anything! I did what I could to make her presentable and then she took some photos of Coco. Then she turned to me and asked me to stand in front of the camera. “Me?,” I asked incredulously, “I’m too fat to be a model!” To which she replied, “Not at all. You never know what the client is looking for. Put on some make-up and come let me take some pictures of you.” I did as I was told and smiled for the camera. I tried to smize like Tyra teaches in ANTM but I wasn’t feeling it. Instead I was feeling plump and frumpy and was totally unprepared (no heels for this gosee!). Hopefully didn’t come across in the photos. I must admit, it would be fun to do some modeling. Great boost for the ego for a 40-something!

After we left I took this photo of Coco. Ha! Look at her after just 5 minutes of posing for the agent! She’s a natural! I do hope she gets at least one job before we leave.IMG_6253 Then Coco said she wanted to take a picture of me. I handed her the camera but before she snapped the picture she told me how she wanted me to pose! How funny is this? 🙂

IMG_6259When we got home I was reflecting on how I was hoping for a tall girl when I adopted her. I don’t know why. Maybe because I was always the tallest girl in my class and it just felt familiar to me? When I took her to her first doctor’s appointment I discovered she was just in the 50 %ile for height. I was a bit dismayed thinking she would most likely end up to be just an average height. Fast forward three years and this girl has shot up ridiculously. She is so tall now! No one can believe she is only 4 years old and I do believe she is the tallest girl in her class. IMG_6265

And her feet? They are enormous! Really, she has such big feet! I think she was in a size 7 or 8 shoe when we moved to Manila two years ago and now she’s in a 13. After 13  you go to size 1 in the women’s department! She is almost able to wear her yaya’s shoes! We were comparing our feet later on that day. Look, they are almost as long as mine and remember, she’s only four years old! I wouldn’t be surprised at all if she ends up being 5’10” and doing some professional modeling after all.

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2 Responses to Modeling Gig?

  1. pierre leavell says:

    She is certainly pretty enough to be a model ! So is her Mom at 40 something : )

  2. Jessi says:

    beautiful!!!! (both of you). Sending lots of love your way. I did some modeling in HS. It was a lot of fun.

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