First (and Last) Tennis Lesson

Coco likes to go with me to my tennis lessons (well she likes to be wherever I am, really) and she is so strong and athletic I figured I would sign her up for tennis lessons for real. She did a mini lesson a few months ago but this time my plan was to have her go regularly (and hopefully become the next Serena Williams!)

I signed us up for a two-hour time slot on Mondays. She was going to do as much of the first hour that she could handle and I would use up the rest of the time. I was really looking forward to seeing her develop as a tennis player.

We got to the courts for her first lesson and she was raring to go. The lesson started out with tossing and catching balls.  Then she was given instructions on how to stand:IMG_5739And how to hold the racket:

IMG_5756And then the coach started tossing balls to her so she could try to hit them.

Some more guidance and instruction and some more hitting.
IMG_5753 IMG_5745 IMG_5755

I thought she was doing great! Sure, there was some silliness-she is only 4 after all!   🙂IMG_5719IMG_5749 - Version 2
But there as also immense concentration. You could see it on  her face.IMG_5754

Not sure how much she learned that first lesson but she thought it was great fun!   IMG_5772 IMG_5775 IMG_5774 Alas, it was getting late and she was getting tired.IMG_5758But she hung in there though for another 15 min. or so. Great job in my book!

IMG_5765 Apparently not to the coaches. They told me she should wait until she is older and can focus more on instructions. “Malikot”, they said. OK, they didn’t really say that (it means naughty in Tagalog) but they may have been thinking it. She has been called that before… Sigh. She’s only 4, you can’t shouldn’t expect her to be fully focused and serious. To be fair, though, I don’t know if 4 is the right age to start tennis lessons. When did Serena Williams start? Maybe she is too young. And to be honest, the likelihood of her continuing on with lessons when we move isn’t great so maybe it’s not a huge deal. Tennis lessons are very expensive in the States and I’m already planning on having her continue with swimming where she’s making amazing progress. Her coach there says she’s the best swimmer in her group! So for now we’ll stick to the sport where she excels and I’ll shelve my dream of seeing her at Wimbledon. It’s all good; swimming’s cool and she can take up tennis later. 🙂

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