Coco the Photographer

So, I have noticed that Coco is starting to enjoy and get good at the different hobbies I enjoy. Though she likes to swim and I like to play tennis, we have many other interests in common. She likes to do art (draw, paint, color, etc.) and she and I like a lot of the same music. She enjoys singing and playing around with technology. And she loves to take pictures. I showed her a few of the basic settings on my point and shoot and now I better watch out because if I don’t pack it away I can be sure she will take pictures during the day or come up behind me and snap pictures when I’m not looking!!

Here are some pictures I have discovered in my camera. Close up face shots: IMG_6275 IMG_6276IMG_5169IMG_5168The yaya:IMG_6280IMG_5932Blurry shots of her toys and other random things:IMG_5162IMG_5928IMG_5172And me when I least suspect it! Sneaky girl!IMG_5907IMG_5171

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