International Day

It was International Day at Coco’s school last week. The different divisions celebrate it differently but one thing the whole school does together is participate in a flag dropping ceremony. There are 73 nationalities represented at her school (through passport, lineage or affiliation) which was so beautiful and amazing to see when all the students and parents congregated together in one space. Each country got represented by a flag which were hung in alphabetical order (after the Philippines, our host country) around the second and third story balconies. For the ceremony, each country is announced and a string is pulled allowing the flag to unfurl while people clap and cheer to show their national pride. To make it even more festive, everyone dresses up in traditional clothes from their countries. It is events like this that make living here so worthwhile!

But get this, for this year’s ceremony Coco got chosen to represent Ethiopia and be the Ethiopian flag unfurler (is there such a word? :))  How cool is that?! Luckily she could just fit into the Ethiopian dress I picked up for her in Addis back in 2010 and I let her wear one of the silver Coptic cross necklaces I picked up at the same time to complete her outfit. She wore it with pride. She looked great and got many compliments and whenever people asked her where she was from she would beam and say, “Africa!” which made me smile.

IMG_6398 IMG_6400IMG_6408IMG_6404IMG_6413IMG_6401IMG_6403

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