Trip to the Dentist and Coco’s Real Age

IMG_6358 choosing a sticker for a job well done

IMG_6359Coco has lost 3 teeth but only two grew back completely filling up the space. It was her regular six month dentist appointment and I was glad to have it so I could ask her dentist some questions.

1. Where will the third tooth go and does not having space mean she’ll need braces?
2. Is losing three teeth before age 5 typical?

Well, the answers were interesting.

One, no it does not automatically mean she will need braces. Her jaw may grow and expand.

And two, no, losing three teeth before 5 is not typical (in his experience). “So”, I inquired, “does this mean she is likely older than 4 years, 8 months?” and he said yes. He said he would guess she is already five years old. Not much older than five but probably not still four. Interesting. So her real age and birthday are true mysteries. I, of course, suspected this when she started losing her teeth so early– oh, and the two on the top are now loose as well! That was very interesting to hear. The adoption agency I used for Coco’s adoption does not facilitate meetings between birth and adoptive families. At the time I didn’t think much of it because the woman who recommended the agency to me said she asked for assistance in-country and was able to meet them. I just kind of assumed that I would have the same good fortune. To make a long, un-trip-to-the-dentist- story short, I was unable to meet them. It has been weighing on me ever since. As soon as I left Ethiopia I knew I would hire someone to find them to corroborate the story the agency told of her relinquishment in her paperwork. I would also love for them to know she is healthy and happy and to keep in touch with them. I can’t imagine not knowing how your child was doing and it is important for Coco (or I’m sure it will be) to know them and maintain a connection to them and her Ethiopian culture and heritage. Now I feel the push more so than ever. That job in Addis is looking even more appealing! I hope to start the process in the coming year.

Other than that the appointment went well. Oh, well not if you count the small cavity forming between her teeth. He said with good flossing and eating properly it likely won’t turn into a cavity before the tooth falls out so she can avoid any invasive procedures. I’m all for that!

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4 Responses to Trip to the Dentist and Coco’s Real Age

  1. Elizabeth Howard says:

    Joy…very interesting re Coco’s teeth and age… hmmm. so eager to welcome you two sugar babes home… for maybe two years? For our granddaughter to develop some feeling of being a little American girl before being immersed in her Ethiopian heritage.?

  2. De says:

    If you are able to find her real age/birthday…. would you change her records?

    • Joy says:

      If it were vastly different, then yes. but otherwise, i don’t see a point. she would be aware of both though and we could celebrate twice! 🙂

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