Student Led Conferences


Coco’s school has student-led conferences in the spring. These are different from your run of the mill parent-teacher conference where it’s teacher driven and the student plays no part. In this type, the teacher’s role is only to keep the students focused on the goal which in Coco’s grade (preschool) was to share things certain things around her classroom. As I walked up I saw the beautiful artwork which was painting on clothing. It was so colorful. Hopefully they plan to donate the clothes to needy families after the display is taken down. They asked each family to send in something white for their child to paint and the only thing we could spare was a pair of socks! Hopefully she enjoyed the project nonetheless.

Then I spied Coco on the playground with her teachers and classmates. They were just finishing up snack time. She ran to give me a big hug. I cherish these moments when she’s affectionate and not afraid to express how much she loves me in public. She’s always so proud to introduce me to everyone, too. “This is my mom!” she tells people proudly. Aw, love that kid so much!

She was wearing another outfit and hairstyle of her choosing: a dress that’s still too big for her and her hair in a bun so it could match mine (which I had since taken down). She showed me some hopscotch moves and then we headed inside her classroom.IMG_6065We took a tour of her classroom where she showed me where they are growing plants and where they do art. She showed me the animal hospital where they take care of the toys that are missing button eyes and whiskers and other beloved toy casualties. She also reminded me that she is still four. LOLIMG_6071

I admired some of her gorgeous art. I love how they allow the kids to express themselves! This is a caterpillar.IMG_6073

She showed me how she is learning how to write letters and numbers:IMG_6076and then we took a look at some books and her learning journal. I love the learning journal! Her teachers take hundreds of photos each day and they use them, along with work samples and anecdotal notes, to record student learning. What a keepsake! She was proud to show me hers.IMG_6082

Proud of my little pumpkin and all the things she is experiencing at school! 🙂

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2 Responses to Student Led Conferences

  1. Jessi says:

    that sounds awesome! I wonder how much prep work they do with the kids ahead of time to prepare them for their role in the student conference. Did you do this with your students too? I love the idea.

    • Joy says:

      they have the kids do a run though a few times of what they are to show their families. in Kindergarten they are told to share writing and math samples and go through the entire learning journals, share their favorite place to play and give a classroom tour. i agree! they are awesome. all schools should do this, in part because it makes the student accountable/invested for/in their learning.

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