Hair Help

IMG_6503When I first moved here and I saw how the yayas did such a terrible job on Coco’s hair, I took over the job 100%. Not that it’s their fault; you don’t come across tight corkscrew curls like hers in this country. And then I changed my mind. Mornings are hectic here and I am not home to deal with hair after swimming lessons so I had no choice but to train my current yaya  on what (little) I know about caring for and styling Coco’s hair. And let me tell you, my life is so much easier! Yeah okay, she can only do one style, the two puffs style, but you know what? It’s totally fine!!!

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2 Responses to Hair Help

  1. Robin(dootaboot) says:

    That is great you have help with her hair. Just watch her edges. Don’t pull so tight when u put her pony tales in. You may want to look at youtube videos to see how to protect them a suggestion is to part her hair down the middle as if you are going to put pts in then part again and put a braid on each side in the front. then brush into her pony tales. Then her edged wont break off. The style may last longer. I hope this is helpful. When u return to the US you could take her to your local beauty school. It is cheap because they are students and need heads to practice on. They have their insturctors there so they can’t mess up. You can watch them to get some pointers. Be careful if you take her to a place that specialize in african hair braiding. some pull too tight that it takes the hair out. Keep up the good work, I can see her hair is growing.

  2. Joy says:

    It’s been hard here to get the right products and then with the sun and getting so sweaty and getting sand in her hair has made it necessary to wash more often than I would have liked. And let’s not forget about swimming! 2-3x a week in the pool with harsh chlorine, it’s not surprising it’s been growing so slowly. Thanks for the tip on the beauty school!

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