And Another Two Gone

Oops, I found this in my drafts folder so I decided to post it even though it is an old story! This is about tooth #2 and she’s already lost tooth #3 (and two have grown back) but I figured why not post this so I can remember so here goes:

IMG_5894Last night I made pizza and sliced cucumbers for dinner. This morning I noticed Coco’s wobbly tooth was really, really bendy and wasn’t going to stay in her mouth much longer. I suggested to her that I pull it but of course she was vehemently opposed to that. So I told her, “Please be careful when you are eating because you might swallow it.” Foreshadowing? The tooth came out when she was eating lunch at school and, yup, she swallowed it!

Tooth #3? Well, she was an old pro at losing teeth by then so when it was wiggly enough she just pulled it out herself! I did get a picture of that!

Now the bottom (where she lost three teeth) has two teeth grown in their place! The top two are now wiggling. I really hope she doesn’t lose them before Kindergarten.

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