Open Mouth, Insert Foot

IMG_6587I almost didn’t notice the lunch the yaya had set out of Coco but as I walked by something strange caught my eye. What in the world? I opened the cover to take a closer look.IMG_6588IMG_6589Wow. Chicken feet. Okay, that wasn’t my real reaction. It was more like this: EEEWWWWWW!!!  I mean, seriously! Looking at them sitting on her plate looking so, well, foot-like was just gross to me! But Coco? She was thrilled! She ate them right up!IMG_6596 IMG_6606 IMG_6607
Let’s take a closer look at one, shall we? Ugh! Trying to be open-minded, but no.. Yuck.IMG_6594

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4 Responses to Open Mouth, Insert Foot

  1. That’s awesome! What a trooper. I wonder what she WON’T eat?

    I grew up eating chicken feet at yum cha. My family are Chinese so chicken feet is no problem 🙂

  2. K says:

    O. M. G!!!

  3. Jessi says:

    She’s more adventurous than me…. I would not try that unless I was on The Amazing Race and had to. lol

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