Cambodia, Day 2


IMG_6800We woke up early, had breakfast and headed out to our first temple: the Bayon Temple. This temple is the one with the giant faces. Wow, is all I can say. Utterly amazing. When we arrived the first thing we saw outside were some wild monkeys running around. There was a man there feeding them some water from water bottles and others were doing the same. They seemed relatively tame so I told Coco to stand near one for a photo. She tried to give it a leaf (to eat? chew on? play with?) but don’t you know that darn thing practically lunged at her (or the leaf?). I grabbed her and we high-tailed it out of there. Being the animal lover that she is, she still wanted to hang out with the monkeys and she was really mad at me for not letting her ride on an elephant (already did that in Thailand and once is enough for me!) but I really wanted to get to the temple and see inside.IMG_6798I finally got her to walk and as we got closer to the temple we saw this. Incredible!IMG_6768

I have to say, I was a bit skeptical that temple-hopping would be entertaining for a 4-year old but I am hear to tell you that she loved it. She is a great traveler overall and Siem Reap was no different but even in the oppressive heat she rarely complained. She enjoyed climbing on the rocks and hiding in the hidden doorways and jumping off of rocks. She had a ball and I loved that we were 1. being active and not just sitting by a hotel pool and 2. it was an amazing cultural experience (for me). I highly recommend Cambodia for children!

As we got closer and I stopped to take some pictures while Coco ran ahead (my friend J was with us). She ran past this little boy who said, “That looks like ‘Coco'” to which she replied, “That’s because I am ‘Coco!'” Turns out it was the little boy from her Tuesday playdates in Manila! Small world, I tell you, small world! And if you are keeping count he made the 5th person from Manila we ran into in Siem Reap (others in the airport check in line). But wait! It didn’t end there! There was another family of 4 staying at our hotel whom we also knew and J ran into a couple she knew when we were having lunch one afternoon. Guess Manila>Siem Reap had some good deals! lolIMG_6890Here are some more pics from the temple that morning.

IMG_6814 IMG_6770 IMG_6778IMG_6836 IMG_6819 IMG_6924 IMG_6840 IMG_6897

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