Friends Worldwide

IMG_6935IMG_6933IMG_6934I forgot to mention that after visiting the Bayon temple we stopped to get something to drink. Coco got coconut water of course (her favorite) and we sat in some shade trying to get some relief from the heat and humidity. I have never experienced such hot and humid temperatures before. Really, it was unbelievably hot!! I was sweating like I do after an hour of tennis. Crazy. Anyways, while we were enjoying our drinks this cute little girl came by our table playing with her balloon. I encouraged Coco to play with her and the two of them started running around batting the balloon into the air. I love how kids who don’t know each other can start having fun together immediately despite a language barrier.

I happened to have packed some markers in Coco’s backpack so I offered one to the little girl to draw on her balloon and she was amazed. Soon two other little kids were wanting markers too (you can see one in the background). Coco wasn’t too keen on giving away her markers at first but I reminded her she still had 9 more in package so she ended up being okay with it in the end. They played for a while, I bought some art and then we headed back to the hotel for a swim.

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