Cambodia, Day 6

Our last day in Cambodia was just lunch, shopping and pool time before our evening flight. I was so sorry to leave, it had been an incredible vacation.

IMG_4455J, Coco and I went to eat in the old market, a short tuk tuk ride from our hotel. IMG_4021 IMG_4023IMG_4014 I found the food there (in the city overall) to be quite good and our last lunch was also very reasonably priced. I started with some cold spring rolls and then had some chicken curry. Coco had pizza, which was really good, but it was just pizza so I didn’t photograph it. 🙂IMG_7768IMG_7770There were more adventurous things on the menu though!IMG_7761IMG_7782IMG_7787IMG_7775

Here are some more food photos from Siem Reap.  IMG_4016 IMG_4017   IMG_4025This last photo was taken while we were waiting for our ride to the airport. I sat at the bar and had some juice while Coco watched some TV. The ladies at the bar were enamoured with Coco and loving her hair. They touched it (of course) and then kept on staring at her the rest of the time we sat there. They were really sweet though and Coco didn’t mind.

IMG_7795That about sums up our trip to Siem Reap. I was sad to go but I carry with me great memories. By the way, J gave me copies of all her photos so I am going to go back and edit all my posts and add her great shots. Who knew iPhones took such great pictures?!

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