Crazy, Jam-Packed

Moving is stressful. There’s no other word to describe it. And then add to that working full-time, single parenting, moving across the world from good friends so wanting to spend time with them, trying to squeeze in some traveling  and dental work while on this side of the world–well, it’s been busy and overwhelming!!

The dental work has been difficult. I had two cavities filled. Quick and relatively painless and inexpensive. Great. But the crown replacement-turned-possible root canal has been terrible. The pain was so intense and has lasted so long (two weeks now) that I ended up making a visit to Makati Medical at 4am one morning to be sure I wasn’t having a heart attack (neck pain, jaw pain, tooth pain and feeling heart palpitations as well). I am not a hypochondriac and I hate pharmaceutical drugs so willingly going into a hospital at the crack of dawn indicates how much pain I was in. After an ECG (that’s what they call an EKG here) and an oxygen test what was the diagnosis? Acute anxiety and radiating pain from dental work. I told you moving is stressful. photo-11Yeah, I’m strange to get my picture taken outside of the ER. My friend V met me down there and he insisted I cancel my tennis lesson for the morning to take the day off and just chill. Good advice (not that I followed it) but I did skip tennis. We went to Salcedo Market and did some shopping. I made a mini pack with God on the way to the hospital that I would get my eating and health under control once and for all if he let me live. I’m a single parent after all, I begged. I’m all dramatic but I bought cucumbers, carrots, squash blossoms, mulunggay, onions, basil, apples, eggplant, romaine, red peppers, raw honey, hummus, a loaf of wheat bread and some chapti to get back on track. I meant it!photo-9 Here I am with the squash blossoms and mulunggay. I feel so wordly! Have you ever eaten squash blossoms? I eat mulunggay regularly in my morning juices but I had never eaten squash blossoms. They are the tops of the pumpkin plants while they are still on the vine. I didn’t know they were edible but I steamed them for dinner and they were quite tasty.

After breakfast I met my friend J and we went to Divasoria and Quiapo, two shopping areas where most foreigners here wouldn’t dare to go. They’re enormous and chaotic but the prices are great and you can find almost anything you are looking for. J suggested we go to find some beads and other art supplies for our students. I got several huge bags of beads plus some dresses for Coco, an iPad case, an over-the-shoulder bag for me and one for Coco when we hike next year, some ribbon and iron-on patches to decorate some of her clothing, some hair accessories and I don’t know what else. A bunch of stuff and I don’t think I spent much more than $30! I love shopping there even if it’s totally exhausting to stay so vigilant watching out for pick pockets and scam artists! LOL

After shopping I got a mani/pedi (trying to use up gift certificates!) and then later that night I went to the Latin Ball: a really nice black tie event. Crazy-busy, jam-packed day!

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