Mother’s Day

photo-10My friend V took us out to brunch on Mother’s Day to a lovely little place called Bizu. I loved how it was decorated in white and pink with fresh flowers everywhere! I had the spinach and goat cheese Quiche with salad. Coco and V ordered pancakes with Nutella, bananas and almonds. Food was good and I got a present from the restaurant, too! See the little gift bag? It was filled with little make up samples and a coupon.

Coco wanted to wear her Ethiopian dress and a pair of my clip on earrings. I didn’t think about it at the time but I’m glad her heritage was highlighted on that day to honor her birth mom, even if in such a small way. In fact, that might be a nice tradition to start. I really enjoyed the day and I am ever so grateful for my little munchkin!MD
IMG_8717A few days before Mother’s Day she brought me a gift she had made in school. She wanted me to open it immediately but I tried to explain to her we should wait until Mother’s Day. Well, that didn’t happen. 🙂 I think we opened it on Saturday. She was SO proud of her work and was over the moon pleased that I loved it so much. She said it was her hands that she traced and cut out to make flowers for the pot. 🙂 The feather leaf fell off. She also made me this card which she was also immensely proud to give to me. Aw, such a sweetie pie. Oops! She told me that she is not “sweetie pie” that I am sweetie pie. If I call her sweetie pie she responds in an exasperated voice with, “I’m not sweetie pie, you’re sweetie pie! Remember the deal?!” LOL. (but she still is a sweetie pie – don’t tell her I said so!)
IMG_8720 IMG_8719IMG_8716 IMG_8713 IMG_8714
She also wanted to try on the dress I had worn to the Latin Ball but it was too long so we settled on this one. I let her put on my clip on earrings and she thought she looked so beautiful. Look at her admiring herself in my full length mirror. This girl is rough and tumble but man does she love jewelry and dresses and make up!

After brunch, I sold my car! I’ve been worrying about getting rid of it since we are moving in, gasp!, 6 weeks but I was able to sell two days after I advertised for PHP 145,000 (about $3500)! I could have gotten more for it but I wanted to get rid of it. And you know what? I bought it for $4,000 fourteen months ago. That adds up to about $35/month, plus gas. Not bad. Not bad at all. And that’s one more thing crossed off my to do list!

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