Quotes and Conversations

IMG_1560I am so behind on posting some of her quotes! When I found a post titled “Quotes” in my drafts so I decided I better publish those and add the most recent ones. Here are the 2 old ones:

What do you want for Christmas?
I want a dog that’s grouchy and poops in the street.

And trying to say accident:
“Askident, askident. That word is hard to say because I’m a kid.”

And some recent things she has said:

1. Mommy dance with me? You be the prince cause princes are taller.

2. Without God, there would be no Earth and no sun. Right momma?

3. Coco, why did you wake mommy up this morning?! (at 6am on a Saturday). Because I wanted to tell you I love you. But Coco, you have to wait until I wake up to tell me that. Oh, it was lost in my mind.

4. Mommy, I want a brother and a sister, a baby that I can hug. So you have to marry two people: one for the brother and one for the sister.

5. I want to be a vumpire (vampire). How?

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