It’s Bound to Happen

IMG_8516I saw this tuft of hair on the coffee table and I just knew. It’s a childhood rite of passage I suppose but I was not pleased. What is it about kids and scissors and hair? Why do they find scissors and think what fun it would be to lop off some hair. 😦 Oh well, it wasn’t too much damage but why must it be right in the front?!IMG_8523

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10 Responses to It’s Bound to Happen

  1. De says:

    when my daughter was in kindergarten, she cut off a very large pony tale and a great deal of bangs while at school. The teacher called me in hysterical tears and I thought that maybe my child had died or something before she told me of the haircut. The teacher was devastated and I just kept telling her that it is indeed a rite of passage for a 5 yr old πŸ™‚ She apologized for the rest of the school year. Of course it was a lop of hair right in the front and her bangs took forever to grow back in, but… it is what it is.

  2. becky says:

    If only this rite of passage happened only once for my dear daughter. πŸ™‚

  3. Laurie says:

    It’s always right in the front πŸ˜‰

  4. lol. I think my victims were dolls.

  5. robin tyson(dootaboot) says:

    My youngest daughter done it too. The day before pictures with her Girl Scout troop. I was soooo mad at her. I was able to braid it up and add hair to it so it did not look so bad. That day I band her for life from using scissors. For the longest time she would have to ask if she could use them. Someone had to watch her while using them. She never cut her own hair but I did find several dolls that when from Barbie’s to kens with a buzz cut. I guess that was pay back for what I done in the 1st grade. A girl with long hair sat in front of me. Every day she would fling her hair on me and on my desk. I told her to stop but she never did. I told her if she done it again I was going to cut it. She done it one too many times more and off it went a big chunk of the back. After that she never flipped it on me again. The Lord has a strange way of teaching us lessons. Or is it karma. Have a great day and be blessed.

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