Meeting the Bus

IMG_8554 IMG_8552 The lobby of my building is gorgeous. I should post more pictures since we are moving in EEEK!!! 4 weeks! but this post isn’t a tour of my building (which I will miss dearly). One of the days I missed work for the root canal drama I was lucky enough to be home to meet Coco at her bus. Her school is half day so this is usually the yaya’s job so I was thrilled to get an opportunity; I’ve only been able to do it a handful of times in two years. I was a bit disappointed that she wasn’t as excited about seeing me as she used to be but I guess that’s a sign she’s growing up. 😦 Anyhoo, life goes on. The above picture is the front door where the guards stand. They open the doors for you and are always so kind and smiley.IMG_8563 IMG_8556IMG_8559 Coco loves this particular guard. They have a little game they play where she hits his hand as hard as she can and he tells her she’s going to break it. They’ve been doing it for months and they never tire of it. (Well at least she doesn’t! :)). Then we went upstairs and Coco hid from the yaya. She still swears she can’t be seen or that the yaya really thinks she’s missing when I tell her I can’t find her. At least she’s still young enough to do this! 🙂 After Hide ‘n Seek she ate a super healthy snack since she was going to a birthday party later. She turned her nose up to the plate of veggies the yaya set out but when I turned it into flower with a cheese stem and cheese pollen, she ate it right up. One point for Mommy!IMG_8568IMG_8569

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